Marita Roos 2 years ago • updated by Lyre 2 years ago 3
How do I get energy?
Forgive me you have to be new to the game as we all have been begging for a way to earn energy! You have to purchase it! When the team challenge starts you will be given 5 energy's it is supposed to replenish 1 every 15 minutes for free! Outside of the given energy you go into resources in your game and tap on it & it will guide you to the options available! Good luck to you!
When you rank at the top of the challenge after playing for a good period of time (Participation in all challenges) you can earn energy...assuming this game is like Ship Wreck anyway.

Unfortunately, it's not but it definitely needs to be part of the monthly award since it's now a requirement for every challenge. Or at least come up with a bundle that includes energy, machetes & gold or silver.