Stephen 2 years ago in Technical Issues/Bug Report • updated by Emma Marie Collins 1 year ago 5

I have an LE quest: Bonding Over Birds; Plant Growth.

It asks me to plant and harvest two Cassava. I let these grow overnight and just harvested them. The quest gave me zero credit for completing these two subtasks. Planted two more but still have credit for zero plantings in the quest. Help...

Also.. while the words ask for 2 cassava in each subtask, the status section shows 0/2 for the plantings and 0/1 for the harvests.
Same problem here! Where are the cranberries? I don't find them!
This quest asking for Cassava expired and a new quest arrived asking for Cassava appeared. Harvesting the Cassava allowed me to move forward with no problems in the new quest.

The quest for Cassva has not disappeared for me.

It tells me to pant a crop called Cassava, from Tortuga, from the game Shipwrecked, but I don't see where I can purchase them, only takes me to the island, and makes me get stuff from Smuggler's Cove, no option available for "crops in Tortuga"

I cannot find where I can purchase Cassava, for Shipwrecked: Lost Island.