is there a suggestion box?

Kayte Kay 2 years ago in Suggestions/Feedback • updated by Stephen 2 years ago 2
Because I find these people who join teams and do nothing really ... Unfortunate. I'd like to see people receive no awards if they don't earn any points. It's uncool when they mooch off of others.
It is not just players who do nothing, but those who get a few vs tnousands of points from the rest of the team.

Here is another idea: Allow the other team members to vote. (Perhaps a thumb up or thumb down.) If three players vote to remove a 4th, then that 4th player is dropped from the team, and any points accumulated by that player are removed from the team total. It would not be in the team's interest to remove a well scoring player, but nothing is lost from removing a non-player.

Players booted from a team would be free to continue playing solo or join a new random team, taking their points with them.