In loving memory of the Marula tree...

melissa 2 years ago in Suggestions/Feedback • updated 2 years ago 2

I am curious as well as annoyed, by the seemingly unnecessary removal of the Marula Tree, which may be considered a petty complaint, but as someone who has remained devoted to the Island, despite certain aspects of the game I feel are an absurd "ploy" for revenue (which I get and have made my own personal contributions to), I can't help but question the theory behind not only completely eliminating the strategic advantage which the Marula provided, but also, much "like a thief in the night", stripping away all previously acquired Marulas from the islands on which they had already been so thoughtfully placed upon. To add further insult, the idea to simply "replace" the majestic and towering Marula with a puny imposter (which in some locations is displayed with the top chopped off) was actually considered to be a good idea and then subsequently put into action............Did you think it would go "unnoticed"?.....So now I am not only grieving over the loss of my beloved Marulas, but also feeling rather annoyed by being forced to deal with an undesirable replacement which cannot be removed or even adjusted to fill in the space of its noble predecessor. May you be in a happier place my friends........


I agree! What a completely unfair move on your part rock you. It TOOK lots of time and money to fool my island with these trees not only were they great for gaining revenue which I imagine was your problem with the tree they were beautiful (prettiest tree you have had in all of the games) this is already far behind the previous game like volcanoes island and gold rush so with this move I see no reason to continue with this game which is going nowhere anyway. This was never developed properly for release very sorry work. Games should get better not worse. TRY AGAIN!

I stand corrected: the imposter is indeed removable! I can live with that : )