lette 9 months ago in Technical Issues/Bug Report • updated by Lionsram 9 months ago 2

this has happened on several occasions so basically lost any items collected and money spent. Now when I go to another game and come back have to do quest over but my coins or gold is not the same as before that's still taken.

Mine started over from the very beginning earlier this week. Send them an email, they can reset you. Although I'm still waiting for all my buildings to come back, all I have in their place are black squares and my people are silhouettes.

My game crashes about every 5-15 minutes... and yes, after a crash, I typically loose everything I've done for the last 1-3 minutes... it's very annoying... but what's more annoying is my game crashing every 5-15 minutes! I've open 6+ tickets going back nearly 2 years, and RY hasn't fix anything yet!