Runescape Could Castle Wars Behave As An ESport?

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So although many individuals come here to buy Cheap RS Gold, you will be aware we like to talk about the game. Well round the Runescape 3 Reddit page another Runescape 3 player made the comment that RS3 could enter the concept of ESports while using awesome, fun and under rated small game, Castle Wars.

Castle Wars is a superb undertake capture the flag and there is a good bit of skill and strategy associated with farmville mode. It's one that numerous us inside the R4PG.com office have enjoyed for quite some time that is a thing that you would like Jagex developed a bigger deal about.

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When we are not very certain Castle Wars (or possibly RS3 generally) works becoming an ESport. Perform think that as Jagex likes to begin using these fantastic PVP occasions and very go full-scale while using prizes as well as the presentation of those. They may have some form of huge Castle Wars tournament or possibly a Castle Wars World Cup! That could be a thrilling time and very something which may be exciting for your Runescape Game community.

So seriously Jagex! Allow it to be, step-up and very make Castle Wars just like a huge deal. We actually think that Castle Wars perform perfectly because it is own spin off kind of game. Now, this may appear weird and pretty insane, but perform feel it could work.

Would everybody want to see Jagex produce a real move ahead Castle Wars, host a massive tournament plus general try to obtain additional individuals it? Inform us inside the comments section lower below and make sure to make sure you are stocked on Safe Runescape 3 Gold since it is part of our Hot Purchase at the moment!

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