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Pirate ship

mrstlking 2 years ago • updated by Admin-Anna 2 years ago 7

cant finish kitchen because need hammers. Can't proceed with pirate ship quests because I need something from the kitchen. Any ideas?

Admin-Anna 2 years ago

Hi there,

Hammers are not required to build the Kitchen in New World game. The resources required in building kitchen are clay, woods and rocks. For upgrading to

Level 2- clay, stone and fruit pie

Level 3- wood, stone, veggie turnover

Level 4- clay, stone and bread pudding.

If you are trying to build some other asset that requires Hammers, you can collect them from Blacksmith or Shipwright. Hope this helps!




Team Challenge: Brain Freeze!

Admin-Anna 2 years ago • updated by Teresa B 2 years ago 1

Hi Islanders,

Welcome back to our next Team Challenge-Brain Freeze!

This team challenge will require players to purchase new buildings and crops to craft a collectable. The challenge is to craft as many Melon Freeze collectables from the Cool Treats Hut generator building after gathering Summertime Melon collectables from the Summertime Melon crop and Shaved Ice collectables from the Ice Storeroom town building.

Team Formation Start Time

6:00 AM EST

August 5, 2016

Team Challenge Start Time

10:00 AM EST

August 6, 2016

Team Challenge End Time

12:00 PM EST

August 8, 2016

Team Challenge Name: Brain Freeze!

Team Challenge Description: Make as many melon freezes as possible!

Team Challenge Targets: Melon Freeze collectable

Team Challenge Actions:

  • Fulfilling a Melon Freeze contract through the Cool Treats Hut crafting building
  • Harvesting Summertime Melon collectables from the Summertime Melon crop
  • Harvesting Shaved Ice collectables from the Ice Storeroom town building

Title Details By Rank:


Rating Points


1 - 3


+500% Spirit

4 - 10


+300% Spirit

11 - 100


+125% Spirit

101 - 500


+60% Spirit

501 - 1200


+30% Spirit

New Generator: Cool Treats Hut

  • Iso Size: 2x2
  • Limit: 1 per user
  • Cost: 500 Silver
  • Build Time: 30 mins
  • Generator Level Info:
    • Level 1 Contract:
      • Contract Produces: 1 Melon Freeze
      • Contract Requires: 4 Shaved Ice, 2 Summertime Melons, 1 Energy
      • Contract Time: 5 minutes
    • Level 2 Contract:
      • Upgrade Requirements: 1000 Silver, 10 Water
      • Upgrade Time: 30 minutes
      • Contract Produces: 4 Melon Freezes
      • Contract Requires: 10 Shaved Ice, 5 Summertime Melons, 2 Energy
      • Contract Time: 10 minutes
    • Level 3 Contract:
      • Upgrade Requirements: 1500 Silver, 15 Water
      • Upgrade Time: 40 minutes
      • Contract Produces: 9 Melon Freezes
      • Contract Requires: 18 Shaved Ice, 11 Summertime Melons, 4 Energy
      • Contract Time: 20 minutes
    • Level 4 Contract:
      • Upgrade Requirements: 2000 Silver, 20 Water
      • Upgrade Time: 60 minutes
      • Contract Produces: 20 Melon Freezes
      • Contract Requires: 24 Shaved Ice, 18 Summertime Melons, 5 Energy
      • Contract Time: 40 minutes

New Collectable: Melon Freeze

Description: “Make Melon Freezes at the Cool Treats Hut!”

New Town Building: Ice Storeroom

  • Iso Size: 2x2
  • Limit: 1 per user
  • Build Time: 60 mins
  • Cost: 1000 Silver
  • Produces: 4 Shaved Ice
  • Regeneration Time: 18 minutes
  • Max limit of collectable: 100

New Collectable: Shaved Ice

  • Description: “Collect Shaved Ice from the Ice Storeroom!”
  • Exchange Count: 1 Gold

New Crop: Summertime Melon

  • Iso Size: 1x1
  • Limit: 8
  • Produces: Summertime Melon
  • Cost: 50 Silver
  • Plant Time: 2 sec
  • Water Time: 3 min
  • Produces: 1 Summertime Melon
  • Max limit of collectable: 100

New Collectable: Summertime Melon

  • Description: “Harvest Summertime Melons from the Summertime Melon crop!”
  • Exchange Count: 2 Gold

Title Duration: 7 days

Good luck everyone and Happy Weekend!




how do i get a iron mine?

Kelly Maring 2 years ago • updated by Admin-Anna 2 years ago 4

how find a iron mine

Admin-Anna 2 years ago

Hi Jill,

The Iron Mine is quest dependent, and not level dependent. Please continue to play the game, and you should come across the series- "Iron Will" where the quest- "Test Your Metal" will trigger you to find the asset in the jungle.




Blows raspberry at the gooseberry team.

phil roberts 2 years ago • updated by Drucean Richmond 1 year ago 13

it would be nice if the winning team were named on here and recognised for their loyalty in playing each game. I suggest this not because the TEAM I am a member of has taken the crown this season, I'm not even going to crow, Bragg, and or bathe in the sea of self congratulation. I'm suggesting this to demonstrate there are many teams struggling to be competitive and OUR TEAM has at last stuck it up to a team (lower case) that has previously hogged first place! As I'm here I would like to publicly thank those in OUR TEAM, who have supported me as I have them, specifically one player who is stepping away from the game. You know who you are! And if anyone wants to join us for the new season and your committed to joining in, the learning from others and capable of working things out, but above all enjoying the game and it's challenges, I might be hearing from you!