Stone cutter

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where is it


It will come up in a quest .

Help I cannot find the stone cutter building


Just keep going through your quests . it will be a non limited edition quest .


Shipwrecked wiki has alot of info if you need help with quests and have other questions about the game 🌺

that doesn't work for New World. Only has quests for other Shipwre


I'm at level 41 and I have yet to find or achieve the stone cutter..I am desperate for this because so many of my quests are in need of this...

Je suis bloquée dans  ce jeu pas trouvé  de coupe  pierre ni pour faire des planches très  très pénible ce jeu ont  n'avance pas je  crois  que je suis  à la limite de le de s'installer  en plus aucune  traductions  en francais

Please drop an email to our support team with the details of the issue in the game. We are here to assist you. Please write to us via support.rockyou.com


I keep doing quests and losing quests because I can't build the required buildings due to not having the stone cutter


Hi Wendy, if you need help quests go-to shipwrecked wiki, it's got alot of hints and tips that will get you where you want to be, if you need Stine cutter look it up in search bar, you will not loose any quests that requires any mandatory tools, they will just build up in your stack of quests. The Limited Edition quests go first try not to open any more, just scroll through the stack to see what needs To-be finished and do all of them first ,Limited Edition quests only expire.Good luck, remember to check Shipwrecked Wiki for problems you may have with quests and other tips for game play


I have been ging through my quests and im level 20 and I dont have the ancient temple or the cauldron or the stone cutter and im getting frustrated. Im playing the bew world edition. Can someone please help me out?

I can't get the lumber mill in think I missed it will it come up again as I need it to complete games


Lumber mill is a non limited edition quest so you won't miss it . I still don't have it either !


I'm on level 83 and still have not received quest for stone cutter or lumber mill. Very frustrating when all your buildings are incomplete

Under review

Hi Valerie,

Both Stone Cutter and Lumber Mill is not level dependent, but they are quest dependent. Please continue to play the game, and you should find the asset soon. You can also drop an email to our support team via support.rockyou.com. We will check you game to make sure there are no issues in the link.




Please help me find the stone cutter.

Your prompt reply will be highly appreciated. Thank you.

had the stone cutter and moved it. Disappeared from my bag and not in the inventory when relaunched 😠


personally I think its missing from game, should have seen it by now. WHERE'S THE GREAT FORGE????


Stone Cutter is missing should come up by now!


It will come up in a quest it doesn't matter what level you are , it depends which quests you follow . Try completing some outstanding quests before beginning new ones and it will also be a non limited edition quest .


For all of you who are stuck with this try looking under shipwrecked Wikipedia . All the quests are listed .