My swords disappeared . I had over 680 .

Lisa Gamache 2 years ago in Technical Issues/Bug Report • updated by anonymous 10 months ago 10

I had over 680 swords and I only have 30 today. What's up in want them back.


Wow.. Goto quest issue under options to send a support issue. They can look at your account pretty sure


I also have over 300 swords vanish! Yesterday they were low & i sent email, today I have zero! I sent another email. Whats up???


Does anyone ever answer from the company


Yes if you goto the options menu in the games... It the one with the gears go-to quest issue or whatnot it has a few different opinions... They check the forum for things that have more than just a few votes on here.... If they see is an issue and not a rant they will answer and help... They help me alot


Jan have you talked to anyone about your sword's??

Lisa go-to quest issue and shoot them an email take screenshots whenever you can... They can look at your account and see if there's tech issues k

how to take screenshots of the game in samsung galaxy phone ?

Please hold the volume button and power button at the same to take a screenshot.