Lumber mill.

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I'm on level 63 and I still don't have the lumber mill. Where do I get it from?


I am on level 54 and I don't have the lumber mill either and I need it to finish building some of my buildings.have you found out anything yet.


Hi , the lumber mill will come up in a non limited edition quest . try completing some quests tgat are outstanding it may be next in line. It doesnt matter which level you are on . it just depends on completing quests .


You will see the lumbermill with Squidbanes quest Starry eyed series. Hope this helps. He needs it to build the stargazer. Hope this helps Barbara Austin


I'm having the same issue... Needing the Lumber Mill. And Oar Mill.


I am on level 74 and still did not get the lumber mill quest. I have a bunch of buildings uncompleted because of this. If no solution given I will quit playing.


I'm on level 89 I did the star gazing quest with the observatory and still no lumber mill I had to use gold to complete it cause I couldn't move forward with quest. What does it look like cause I've tappedal ever building and none of them are it


You need stary eyed quest for lumber mill


Stop opening Limited Edition quests so you will que required game quests


Look at the quest sequence you have to follow to get your lumber mill here: http://shipwreckedwiki.com/wiki/How_to_Get_the_Lumber_Mill

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Need a lumber mill & a steel foundry to complete some buildings.....any ideas

You will find these in non limited edition quests

I' on level 167 and I still don't have brick oven or lumber mill.  What gives?

Just keep completing non imited edition quests , and these will eventually come up .