How many levels are in the New World?

EMMA MUNCY 2 years ago in FAQ's • updated by Zieu 8 months ago 15

Has anyone else reached level 250? It seems to me there is no more point in playing as I can't level up and no longer receive quests.


It depends if you play challenges , i have reached level 250 on sw lost quite a while ago but i keep game playing for challenges .


Just collect daily rewards and play Challenges!! You


Level 350. When is the other land going to open through the Ship of Ages? I'm done with Atlantis.

играта е много добра. .лошо е че няма смисъл. .Ако няма продължаване. .Много Съжалявам. .целувам ви💋❤❤👍


400 now.  Fingers crossed for more.

Здрасти защо някой не отговари...кога ще се появи закритият Остров. ??? Предизвикателни задачи стават доста досадни.

Thank you for getting to us! Please let us know your query with regards to the game. We are here to assist you.

I can't get past level 400. Wonder wht?

Здрасти няма такива неща като 400 -ниво. ..Аз съм на 399..и също не мога да мина напред просто защото няма "НАПРЕД "..????😅 😲😱

The highest level in the game is 400. Our team will work on adding more levels in the game. Stay tuned!