Multiple suggestions.

Chromis 2 years ago in Suggestions/Feedback • updated by anne wilson 2 years ago 4

1. Split inventory with the first being items you collect multiple of and second being unique items 1/1 type.

2. As someone else suggested, when store is open to buy stuff. Have it show how.many are already in play.

3. Sale items sale price blocks view of what it pays back.

4. Be nice to set up ability to chat with friends when not in team.

5. More levels.even if the exp cost rises dramatically.

6. Better feedback when support is emailed. Ask a simple question that should be yes or no and get " will forward to our development team". Kind of a cop out.

7. If you starting alot of projects or buildings you might accidentally hit buy all instead of hitting the start button. Wasting gold. That was not needed to be wasted. Put a verify button for the buy all.

8. I have two buildings that require quests from Rodrigo to complete. One makes pineapple shakes the other plates and cake trays. I can't go any farther with this as he has not appeared, no one I have teamed with has seen him. I am level 250 and am running out of stuff to do.

9. Make more uses for silver. Have over 100k and nothing much to spend it on.


Sorry. #9 should bee 100M not 100k

Any comments from anna.? It's been a while. see a few things fixed but what about rest? Also availability of messaging people in game when not in challenge group? BTW anneW avail starting tomorrow.

Would like to know if there are any more levels past 350. The experience required to pass to the next level increased dramatically. Not very many quests to assist in this. Have over 200M in silver. What to do with it?


Hi chromis :) missed you ! See you Friday !!