Lightkeepers house

malpha82 2 years ago in Suggestions/Feedback • updated by Zieu 8 months ago 5

Which house is the lightkeepers house? When I click the button to take me to the house, the ones it shows doesn't have the name lightkeepers house.

The lightkeepers house is grey with a green roof and two chimneys and is called lightkeepers house . it may be that you are not on a high enough level yet to get this house . so it could be that its not yet available . hope this helps .

Thank you so much for your feedback. I guess I'm not on a high enough level, I didn't think about that. Strange huh?

Yes it is , but it does happen sometimes .ive had it happen several times before , so each time you level up try clicking on quest to see if its there yet .

I'm not seeing it either, or the pineapple house. Neither one are in the list, not even greyed out and saying you need this level first

Hi Kelly,

Please provide us the name of the quest you are trying to complete. This will help us to understand your query. 

Or you can also drop an email to us from the game- On opening the game tap the triangle on the bottom right and then tap the settings' icon. Select Help and Support, and then report an issue. This will help us to look into your game details and assist you better.