Is there any way to opt out of these 'challenges'?

Barbara 2 years ago in Suggestions/Feedback • updated by Zieu 8 months ago 5

This Bloated Goats challenge, and others like it take up so much space that I find it difficult to do anything to complete any other quests. Is there not some way we can be given the option of participating or not?

Yes . just dont join a team or put up any points . challenges are totally optional .


I agree, challenges are up to the player, don't buy challenge buildings and don't add players or join teams. If you do play challenges they will give you rewards for playing. You need to read up on it to understand all rewards and season rewards. If your not interested just ignore them.

игря  предизвикатества. ..защото съм 399.ниво. ??? А дори не ми вдигна нива, в продължение на няколко ДНИ НА ИГРАТА. Просто може би никога няма да видим ниво 400. .,А още по малко друг остров. ...?? 

The highest level in the game is 400. Please collect more xp to level up in the game. We are also working on adding more levels. Stay tuned!