Finished all quest

Leana Sheehan 2 years ago in News & Announcements • updated by Lostgurlz 2 years ago 1

Will there be any more quests I have nothing to do please add more for those that finish everything


Question you finished every main game quests?

I read on Shipwrecks Wiki that the numbers very depending on if your using an Apple or Android...If you did all of those ,you might be done, besides newly added LE's.

Your not getting anymore Limited Edition quests? If you've done everything you can I'm sure some will pop up every so often like for like Holidays and special events...What level are you if you don't mind me asking?? Do you participate in the weekend challenges??? I would love to see your Island!!! Add me Lostgurlz !!

(It might be Lostgurlz 1 on New World)