Blows raspberry at the gooseberry team.

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it would be nice if the winning team were named on here and recognised for their loyalty in playing each game. I suggest this not because the TEAM I am a member of has taken the crown this season, I'm not even going to crow, Bragg, and or bathe in the sea of self congratulation. I'm suggesting this to demonstrate there are many teams struggling to be competitive and OUR TEAM has at last stuck it up to a team (lower case) that has previously hogged first place! As I'm here I would like to publicly thank those in OUR TEAM, who have supported me as I have them, specifically one player who is stepping away from the game. You know who you are! And if anyone wants to join us for the new season and your committed to joining in, the learning from others and capable of working things out, but above all enjoying the game and it's challenges, I might be hearing from you!


Sorry Roberto I don't respond to this sort of thing especially since I have seen you try and put so many people down before . It's not my style . I prefer to spend my time working on issues to help everyone on these challenges , but I will just thank my 3 teams for covering for me this week while I had a long awaited break . I've been working with support while I been away at too on a couple of issues that hopefully you will all benefit from . I hope you all have a good season ........anne :)


Since i don't respond to people who start a response with "I don't respond to this sort of thing" I shall keep this reasonably brief and to the point as I'm currently massaging my badly bruised ego.

Who are these people ?

And more to the point who or what do you think you are.....?


You are a poor excuse of a man... you are sick and disturbed individual... no one is scared of you and no one is worried about you... enjoy 2nd place bc your always there...you sat there all last season... and the season before that ... and so on...just because you got 1 winning weekend doesn't mean ish...and we all know why you got it last weekend... don't make us laugh Roberto


give me a try this challange. I already have max sumer watermelons and almost max shaved ice. I'm so ready to be on a team that actually works as a team.


Teresa B, invite roberto1. I might not be able to add you this week. But there are plenty of weeks left.

What level are you?? Do you need a team? Do you play all weekend??

Teresa don't be desperate and join the devil.... I have some friends that need help if your interested...let me know


my id is the fezz. I'm so tired of these pick up teams. Otherwise I just play the game. I don't care about game politics. If I can get in a team that everybody pulls then super. Invite me as I had deleted all my non exsisting friends lol


Lostgirlz, have I played in the same team as you ? Maybe someone who has might like to comment on exactly how bad I am ?

i am level 93 i have 8 helpers and yes i play all weekend. I don't always check these forums. I find them not very helpful.


I am actually stumped at all these negative comments about Roberto. He has been my teammate on two worlds and I stand by him. Our teams have always worked hard and as a team, and despite losing members over time, we have found new ones to continue on. I am now the one leaving, but it has nothing to do with my team. I just play too many games and I've gotten tired of my weekends being stressful. Anyone who is a team player would love our team. Roberto is great at motivating and educating on the best way to achieve goals. And the other two members are just as dedicated to winning as he is.


Thank you Linda, for an informed opinion.All I need now is for FIFA coins to join those hundreds if people who think I should be stoned to death.

After knowing you now, I will admit that I rushed to judgment about you. You're alright.