Game Update for Ads

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Hi All,

New Update is Available : In this update we have reduced the ad frequency. Additionally, any purchase made in the game will immediately turn off the ads for next 30 days. In the meantime, your feedback is crucial, so please feel free to let us know if you experience any bugs or unknown issues.




Thankyou Anna mine and team mates have updated , very much improved ......Please everyone support can only help put games right if they are notified of issues . These issues will help get an outline of things that are going wrong for others too . I for one know how hard support work I work with them reporting issues and trying to get corrected but they need you to email with problems as this is the only way they can look into your game and see what is happening . You can also email support in your own language if you are limited in English .

Thank you for the support! We appreciate it.


Ok thanks for the invitation for feed back.

List of bugs and unknown issues, unknown issues!

This is like the Donald Rumpsfeld's speech about known knowns and known unknowns....!

How about some of the issues and bugs that you do know that having been blighting my "user experience." The reason why you know these known issues and they're not unknown issues is because I've explained them adnauseum.

1. moving buildings, houses ect.

2. Inability to harvest crops that have both moved and been genetically modified to change from one thing to another.

3. Mis-calculation of scoring during challenges that applies to all challenge games.

4. A stationary quantity of silver.

5. Inability to play the ghost ship.

6. Inability to play the crystal ball and ticket games.

The only good thing is that I haven't once had an advert interupt the game.

In all seriousness how many people would either pay to play without adverts under these circumstances ?

The one thing I know to be a known known is... not me.

Please Anna, could you tell us (the players) what frequency of adverts will apply should players decline the offer to purchase their way out of viewing these in game adverts ?


We are trying to fix all the issues mentioned. Our team is constantly working on fixing them. You should find 1 ad for every 5 minutes if there is no purchase made. Hope this answers your query


Anna, 2 points.

On the substantive point, I have been told that as it has been unable to replicate these "problems" the complaint does not stand. As a consequence the complaints were closed. I suggested a possible solution but this was ignored.

It would appear that it is the stock answer when a complaint is issue to answer "were working on it," so I respectfully ask that as I'm familiar with coding and programming, exactly what is being looked at in what specific area?

Regarding advert frequency, what does "1 ad for every minutes played" mean ?

Hi Phil,

Our team is working on replicating the issues. Once we are able to locate the bug, we will start implementing the fix.

Apologies, it is 1 ad for every 5 min. I have updated the same.


I did make a purchase and I did have to send a private message to have my ads disappear. It took a few days in all; however, so far so good. I will say though, that if you are going to include ads, at least let the game load properly. The opening screens don't have a chance to load before an ad pops up. It's bad enough that the Westwood ad always pops up, but an ad will show up even before the Westwood ad. It has made me immediately exit the game.

We are sorry to hear about the Westbound game. We will work on reducing the pop ups for other games too.


Thankyou drucean , support are trying to sort this out . I'm glad ads have reduced , if you email support again about the ads coming up when you load game they will look i to it . It just takes a !Ittle patience while they find a way to help .


I emailed several days ago about the scrambled buildings, etc. and so far have just received the "we are working on it, here is your ticket number" reply.

Emailed yesterday about ads AFTER paying for a bundle and ... crickets.

How long are we supposed to wait and how many emails do we need to send?

We apologize for the delay in reply. Our team is currently working on "assets being moved around" issue. We will implement a fix soon. We appreciate your patience.


SOB 's also just barraged me with a crappy ad AFTER exiting the game. I don't know how they did it but I will erase this game completely if that happens again.

We apologize for the delay caused. Our team will soon the fix the issue.


Some things do take a while stacie , I also get ads after exit game . If you email your receipt for in game purchase this should stopping game ads . Others have been successful in this . The scrambled buildings I believe their is a fix that support offer people if they email


Re my on going issues Anna, in 5 days my mobile connection has used over 4 GB of data on new world alone, goldrush over 2 GB all others <500 MB. Does this suggest an issue between 6.0 and your servers. This is only going to end one way you know.

The data used for the game depends on various features. It depends on how big the game is and how many assets has to be loaded on each launch, visiting neighbors, and how big the neighboring island is, etc . Even the team challenges use data at different rates.Hence you might find difference in data usage.