How do I retrieve back my old game?

Skylar Sophie 4 months ago in General Discussion • updated by Zieu 4 months ago 3

Before this I play this game in different phone. I save the game with my google acc. But when I download to my new phone I need to play back from the 1st level. 

Help me please. 

Hi Skylar Sophie You need to do a device transfer with support . I will write up how to do this after challenges end unless support step in and offer help before then lol !

Hi Skylar , to do device transfer you need to send email to support from both devices it's very simple . On each device click on arrow bottom right , select settings bottom right ,scroll down to help and support click then select report an issue , then select device transfer . This will allow you to send an automated email to support from both devices and match them up . Support will then contact you with instructions once they have transferred . Let me know how it goes .

Please drop an email to our support team at support.rockyou.com about the device transfer. We will assist you in restoring the game progress to the new device