6 hour pause inchallenge

anne wilson 7 months ago in General Discussion • updated 5 months ago 7

it appears that the glitch where nobody could get on challenge was a six hour pause , causing the challenge to run six hours over time . ( if support check they will see it still has another five hours or so to go ) .so support can you tell us what on earth was happening in this six hour pause , which obviously was not spotted by support ?

hey Anne

Silenthill  here

Howz you..

Hope everything is fine.

If you don't mind I would request you to send team challenge invite or do accept...as we din't play together this week...anyways without you..it was hectic to bring our old team under top 10..we missed u...Mrs superman

Indeed ur superman  

Me and Queen might not play like u...still we will improve. .but don't leave us..

Thanx mrssuperman  (Anne wilson)



Sorry silent hill I've only just seen this . I've had to put Mrs superman in main team for now . Once I get a super player to go in my main team I will come back but keep playing and inviting me .....Anne


We apologize for the inconvenience caused. The team challenge was extended because of the issue. 

dear Anne

First of all I would like to thank you for replying me..and not ignoring my request

I can understand ur concern...and Pls do join our team as soon as possible. 

Because we r missing superplayer. (Superman ) of our team...

Hope 2 c u soon 

Take care




(Ur ex team mate for group challenge )

hi silenthill , I've had internet problems this season but hopefully sometime into next season I can try out a new player in my main team and get back to you .I must get on team at some point and give you my email ! ...........Anne.

Dear Anne

Thanx for the reply

There was a player named queeny21  who used to play  with  us...she is also not playing  challenges..so I have played challenges all alone this season..hoping atleast next season.I will be in good rank..

Anne u can contact me anytime on

Fb @    jeffenriquekaka@yahoo.com /    fb/jeffenriquekaka

Or email me at dreamzstealer@yahoo.com 

I'm not into twitter. Instagram. .Snapchat. .these days..so mrssuperman Pls do contact me for next season 

It would be honour..to play with you....so excited to play challenge  with you....#lookingforwardfornextchallenge. .

Take care Bye


Silenthillrockz / jeff

Thanks silent hill . I won't put my email in forum lol ! Hope you understand will be in touch .