Thank you for your feedback, will surely share this with my team!

Of course some things are difficult to find. That is how Kiwi tries to persuade us to buy axes with microtransactions. If you don't you only can gain axes by leveling and then you'll increase the number of spots that need to be discovered decreasing your chance to find the Beehive.

I suggest that Quarries and Beehives finding chance increases per level. I'm already level 22 and my chance now is 1 in 15. From level 15 add 1 extra chance each level, so in my case finding it would be 8 in 15 which is about 50%. This way seems more fair and I can understand why people would quit playing if they can't find those 2 important buildings after level 25.
  1. Yes, agreed! I'm now level 40ish (can't remember exactly) and the amount of honey you need to complete things takes an incredibly unreasonable amount of time to acquire. It's taken me over a month just to get up enough to level my Valentines crafting to level 4 and I STILL need 5 more honey! Takes forevvvver! I've already spent almost $30.00 on this game, not spending any more. You could at least make it so it's an hour (hour re-gen) or something so it's reasonable considering you can't get another beehive. 12 hours is ridiculous imo! I'm getting close to just deleting this game. It's a logon once a day kind of game now at this point anyway.


I feel the same way about planks also. At the moment I have 4 sawmills and I should consider myself being lucky if I gain 2 sets of planks a day. this is a problem since I have about 5 buildings, all demanding at least 6 sets of planks to be able to complete.

Other than that I'm totally down with the honey also. When you need to use it to upgrade and craft and build it's ridiculous how little you actually get in such a long period of waiting.


why are we only allowed 1Beethive and 1 quarry it's ridiculous I need 30 honey for one of my buildings I'm never going to get it at this rate ,,starting to get a bit fed up with this game 😠


So is anyone on the ' development team' ever going to address this question or situation? Or shouldi just delete it, again?


hi i really like this game but I totally agree that we either need somewhere else to be able to get honey, stones, bricks, axes from and that the (re-gen) limits should be alot shorter cos I like and want a game I can sit and play for how long I'd like to sit and play it for not play it for ten minutes then HAVE to stop cos there's not physically any thing else you can do cos you have to wait far to many hours to be able to do anything you need to everything's time limits are way maxed any way hope you can change a few things would be nice if you could xxx

Is there an update on getting another quarry, shorter times, more axes, more honey and/or more bee hives?