10/14/2015 - Earn Axes!

Zieu 3 years ago in News and Announcements! • updated by Michelle Buck 2 years ago 2
EARN Axes!

Not enough Axes? Would you like to get some more? No worries! You can earn FREE Axes!

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Does anyone else have a hard time getting the free axes? When I try to take the surveys, I waste an hour "trying" to take survey after survey, spending about 10 minutes on each one answering the same questions over and over to then have the survey tell me I don't qualify to take it. The funny thing is, before I try taking these surveys, I have to answer these same questions so they know which surveys I qualify for, then they post the ones I qualify for and when I take them, I can't finish any of them because I don't qualify for ANY of them! So I can never get my free axes that way!

Then the games they want you to play to get your free axes are crazy hard to get the score you need to get in order to receive the axes. So it's a no go there. I used to get 5 free axes from my clutter in the game every other time I cleaned my yard, but now I get 3 every 4-5 times I clean up. So, anyone have any clues, besides spending money, on how to get the axes???