Next LE Quest

Neil Watts 3 years ago in Technical Issue/Bug Report • updated by Sylvia Vahlsing 3 years ago 4
Well here we go again. The first LE quest you left us with no way to get the haunted chisels. Now the next one is the same way, just this time we need haunted buckets. 

I think this is done on purpose so that people will buy gold to buy the items needed. There's no way they don't know of this problem.

Why give us these special quests if you have no intention of giving us a way to finish them? 

I am not going to buy/use gold to finish these quests. There's no excuse for this and it needs to be fixed. 
I have heard of a few that are having this issue only advice is to contact kiwi support@kiwiup.com it is better if you do this from inside the game though as it will auto send them all the info about your game (click the up arrow on the right then the 2 gears then scroll down and click about kiwi and then click on the email address it will open an email with all the info they need put your issue about the stuff that's already there
Just got the LE quest Christmas tree - thats asks for snowtiles you can't buy anymore.
I did this quest 2 years ago before I had to start over  on a new device.

It is a good idea to give the longtime players who solved all normal quests in the game  s.th. to do, but we should be able to finish the quest.
Game became boring without quests but this is frustrating.
I'm having trouble transfering my brightwood adventures game to my new phone I have spent lots of real money to play this game. I don't want to lose it. I am in middle of Christmas quests. This is starting to make me upset to say the least. Can anyone help please

Shelley, what Kind of trouble do you have?
Did you already contact support @kiwiup.com?
You also have to load Brightwood on your new device and play the first steps.
Kiwi exchanges the accounts then.
If you want to transfer to a tablet you need the help of kiwi anyway - there is no IMEI on a tablet.
Maybe that helps little
id Beeflower 🎄