Buildings not producing paper

chelly0627 3 years ago in Technical Issue/Bug Report • updated by Terrahawk 3 years ago 4
I have 4 buildings that are supposed to produce paper, but are not producing any. I have 0 paper right now and have quests that require paper to finish either a building or produce something to finish a building. I have tried re-installing the game, moving the buildings, and rebuilding the buildings with no fix to this issue. I need help.
Not to worry, kindly email at support@kiwiup.com with these details and it will be looked into further and resolved.
I have emailed. I have received one response and it wasn't very helpful. Either the person that responded didn't know the game that well, or they were looking up the wrong thing because they gave me a list of buildings saying they would produce paper and not one of the buildings was on the game.
I built 2 schools to improve paper production, but still they rarely produce it. The books are quite useless. Slowly I get the paper I seek, but it's not like i doubled my production. Is it really random or is paper only produced at a specific time and weekday?
Seems like a waste of time.
Got five buildings to complete, all needing paper, all buildings that produce paper.
Only completed building is market and that produces none, more does it produce thread either.