why do my items I use so many axes to find, keep disappearing

lilred969 3 years ago in Technical Issue/Bug Report • updated by Brenda Harper 2 years ago 1
For months things I have already located keep disappearing... then it takes more tgen 15 more axes to refind the item , if I can find them at all.... I say im owed over 200 axes, for everything I lost...its getting very frustrating... im bout ready to delete this game like I did shipwrecked. And it seems my monsterama account disappeared all together

I still have to keep using a lot of axes to find items, that keep disappearing then I have to use more axes to find again. I am pissed that we have to use so many axes to explore the cave. None of my friends ever help me, I need new friends. How can we finish some buildings that need haunted stuff or lava rock, when they don't exist and never will b fpund