6/30/2015 - Which is your favorite building?

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Come all ye heroes!

Which is your favorite building? Take a look in your Shop and share your feedback!

Do you have ideas, and other suggestions for new buildings? Post your ideas in the Forums here!

Like and Share your ideas!

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I can't give this a thumbs up because I can't find the buildings I want to build. Currently searching for thanksgiving crafts building.


First, I'd like to say that I enjoy most buildings. They're fun to make a spot for the spooky and then theValentine. Santa stuff. However, I need your support email. I have questions about technical things and I've asked on the Facebook site, but no answer. I'd appreciate your help with this. Thank you.

iv asked for help an no feedback 😞😞

Just bought a new phone .Been trying to transfer game to new phone AT level 52 .Will stop playing This for Brightwood adventures. Done game friends.