Steps to sign up for Userecho and Tips on posting Topics

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Steps to sign up for Userecho and Tips on creating/posting Topics

- Go to https://kiwi.userecho.com/

- Click on Sign up --> Register to Userecho by clicking on "New to Userecho? Join today!"

How to Post/Create Topics:

- Click on Create/Search Topic and post your query

- Once you click on "Create/Search Topic", you will see a Submit a new Feedback form


Choose Public --> To post your query which can be viewed to all Forum users

Header, Description, Post in, Category Fields are MANDATORY

Header --> Subject of your query
Description --> Detailed description of your query/issue
Post in --> You can choose from the 5 options --> Ideas, Questions, Bugs, Praises, News
Category --> You will need to choose either General Discussion, Technical Issues/Bug Report, Suggestions/Feedback

Note: News & Announcements & FAQ's section will be used by ADMINS only to post updates.


- You can also send private messaged to Forum Admins by clicking on "Private" in the Form as shown below.
- Admins will review it and respond back accordingly. This is totally private and not visible to other users.

****** Whenever you are posting/querying a NEW TOPIC, please ensure to choose the relevant category which will ensure us to have all of the topics/queries reviewed and answered in a timely manner ********



- This section is used by Admins/Staff to post any Game Updates. User's can view such updates, but will NOT be able to comment here.

FAQ's: Frequently Asked Questions

- We have the most common FAQ's set up across all GAMES in the FAQ's category. Prior to posting a Query/Topic, please take a little time to check the FAQ's section to find an answer to your query. If not, go ahead with Posting/Creating your topic.
- User's will NOT be able to comment in FAQ's section.


- We are planning to start of Community Events for Shipwrecked and Westbound very soon. Stay tuned for more updates!!


- Any queries related to game, quests, etc should be discussed in this section


- Any technical related queries and bugs/glitches should be discussed in this section


- If you have any suggestions/feedback for us related to any aspect of game, please feel free to post them in this section

******** Posting your query/topic in the appropriate/relevant category will make it easier for Admins to filter them and answer you efficiently ********

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