carnival tickets

hootenbanger 4 years ago in General Discussion • updated by Procella 3 years ago 2
Hey can anyone help me I am needing friends to send me carnival tickets unfortunately the friends I have don't have them and I am stuck without them please help
I'm in the same boat as none of my friends play this game on fb 

Wait, does that mean that you have to be friends in real life and on Facebook in order to get and sent tickets?

I have 3 tickets to sent to my friends. I have tried to sent to the added friends a few times and been baffled about the message that states that I have to invite friends in order to sent them my tickets.

I HAVE invited friends. my friends just don't play. And my friends in the game which I've been inviting from the games friends-selection apparently doesn't...count? 0.0'

That really doesn't make much sense if you ask me :/