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I sent an email last Monday to have my game reset since my game crashed and then to have it transferred to a new device. I haven't received any information that you even got the email or that anything has been done! I check my game several times a day, with my fingers crossed, and even clear data just to check because when kiwi transferred my shipwrecked game, they never even told me!!! So, kiwi, you always tell players to simply send an email with the info and you will gladly reset and transfer the game...I guess you're not glad enough yet for my game?? Your loss because I do buy resources sometimes, maybe you could use that money to hire an extra employee! I've lost out on almost a week of daily rewards and probably have expired quests by now, which you should reimburse but not holding my breath! Please just reset/transfer my game..I like to play it but you make it very hard to KEEP liking it. Btw..I've sent 2 requests already so I know you received my info. Thanks
Ok..here I am again..10 days waiting on my BA game to be reset and transferred. I requested this the same time as my shipwrecked and westbound games and they were done within 10 hours of my request. So why is BA not as important?? Don't you want your customers playing your games..isn't that what keeps your business going or am I just not business savvy??? I refuse to play the game that was reset back to level 1. I buy resources for ALL of my games and you are missing out. Good God..just reset and transfer my game already, this is ridiculous!!
I have ASK, at support, a similar situation, my galaxy note 1 is DIE....
Now i want to transfer game in the new phone.....but i lost 2 year of game....and i have pay money too in the account !
Kiwi..can somebody take the time to tell us why you are not resetting our games or transferring them?? I'm kind of sick of being ignored! It has been 13 days now of constant requests to you and posts on your "new and improved" forums. Maybe I should just quit playing all of your games..that way you will basically lose 4 customers since I do..or did, I should say..play 4 of your games and 2 have never been reset. PAYING CUSTOMER very unhappy and ready to say goodbye!!!
Hello admin...I have been requesting that you reset my game back to the level I was at on October 18 because the game crashed and after it crashed and I finally was able to get my game to come back on, it had started over to the very beginning. I'm not asking you to start my game over, I'm asking you to put it back to the level I was at!! I've sent probably 10 email requests from my device asking you to reset it..I was at a high level probably around 50 or so..and I just want my game back! This makes 3 weeks of constant emails to you..and just so everybody knows, they have also froze me out of shipwrecked and have never reset monsterama planet. So right now, I have westbound and that's it, out of 4 games I get to play 1 because of lack of customer service.
So sorry for your Bad experiences, trigger!

I experienced the opposit::
I had had technical issues and couldnt open BA anymore. I reported this to support and got a mail from "Zieu". He asked me it he can delete some  assets -  and afterwards I was able to play again!
ok, I lost the flagstone paths and many flowers....but I had access again.

And the transfer to my tablet happened within 2 days without problems!
Thank you, Zieu!

Maybe you should ask  for the employee Zieu  to hell you out.
Good luck!
I can imagines your grief  for losing the forest! 
He was the guy who was responding to me through the tickets I had, or 1 of them I should say. They claim they can't find my accounts from when they froze and reset on October 18 but can see the  the accounts that are on level 1. Just doesn't make any sense to me. Yet the same thing happened to shipwrecked on the same day and they found that account, restored it plus transferred to my new device. Somebody had asked if possibly it was a different account but I've only had 1 username and 1 email, 2 different devices but it's not on my old device either. It's too bad coz liked playing Brightwood and was around level 60, probably more than that but don't remember for sure. Thanks for your help! 
I just found a piece of paper where I wrote down how much I would need to get to the next level and it said level 66, so I was probably a little more than that when I lost my game. It takes a lot to get to that level on 1 game within 6 months, plus playing shipwrecked (89) westbound (78) and monsterama planet (30). Very disturbing..I hope they don't ruin brightwood with team challenges but I think it's coming!
Hi bee n Tigger4u2, I see ur post here.. have they found you yet????  
Nope nothing here and I doubt they are trying since I told them to stick it..lol! I just try to keep the info out there so other players know they're not alone if having same problem and what kind of help you get from KIWI. I was all happy when I got the place to open the tickets and they were actually responding, asking questions, etc and then it all was gone when they "can't find me accounts" and removed my closed tickets because I kept responding and opened them back up. Yep..the other tickets are still listed in closed tickets, 1 has "disappeared". 
I finally, had to delete my whole phones data, because of these kiwi, crazed out, games! Spent hundreds of dollars, on that, crap,&, wiil, NEVER, download, any, of them ever, AGAIN!! ~¶£∆¢€~