9/28/2015 - EARN FREE Axes!

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Not enough Axes? Would you like to get some more? No worries! You can earn FREE Axes! Click on your “Resources” tab from your “Market” to start.

Like and Share on the Fan Page to notify your fellow heroes!

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Earn free axes - good idea, NOT! If there are games to try, it takes a long time to download them, and then you get 1 ax. If you try to do any of the surveys, you get lost in a maze of continuing questions; there is no way of knowing if you've completed the initial survey that you picked to do. And if it's one of the survey sites, you spend up to 10 minutes answering questions, only to be told that you don't qualify for that survey, pick another one - after a couple of disqualifications, it should know which ones you "qualify" for and only offer those ones. Since this game demands a ton of axes, please help us out a little bit.

How many axes will you gain from the liking and sharing on Facebook? It doesn't state that anywhere.

I downloaded a game words with friends run it and didn't get my 4 free axes.

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Im not gettung my free axes for downloadibg and completing to the level im suppose to get to to gain free axes this has happened 3× ..still no axes..can i please get my 9 free axes