Unable to complete cobbler and other buildings because nothing will give me thread....help?

Robin Garcia 3 years ago in Technical Issue/Bug Report • updated by Melly68 1 year ago 3
I have several of the buildings that is supposed to produce thread but doesn't. I can't complete other very important buildings because I can't get thread. How do I fix?
thread is a rare drop just keep trying you will eventually get it you can even build multiple of the buildings that can drop it to get it faster like the market place but even then it will probably take awhile. This is a game of patience some of the quests will take you several weeks and a few will even take over a month of playing every day or even several times a day to complete like the pickle shop it requires 30 wild honey which you can only make 1 a day without using a ton of cheer 

I have had the marketplace for almost 2 years and have just got (1) thread last night. So I just clump the unfinshed building together and hope I will be able to complete them later. Sometimes it get frustrating and I want to delete the game. Tell me what else to do!!!

If this is such a rare drop then why is it required to build half the buildings needed to complete 3/4 of the tasks? That makes no sense