kiwi has stolen our resources

tigger4u 3 years ago in Technical Issue/Bug Report 0
This goes to Kiwi and all of the players who bought resources for a game that Kiwi refuses to reset and/or transfer. Kiwi..you are not a very good gaming company..Do you realize you have stolen from us? I bought resources to play Brightwood and have been waiting since October 18th to have my game reset. You should be sued! I know I'm not the only player you have done this to and know it has probably happened in every single game you have. I have already quit playing one of your games because you ignored my requests to transfer and reset. Any longer and I will probably quit another one, I play 4 of your games but I'm sick of being ignored and ripped off! Kiwi..don't tell me to email customer support, I've done it MANY times. You are stealing and if your not going to reset my game then you need to refund my money. I am a high level player, well I WAS, and I refuse to start the game over, it isn't that great even though I DID enjoy playing while it lasted.