I want my game back

tigger4u 3 years ago in Technical Issue/Bug Report • updated 3 years ago 5
I have been asking you to restore my game and here is why, in case you don't get it ( I will keep reporting this until you fix it!) On Oct 18, all 4 of my Kiwi games crashed and  when I got all the games to come back on, they all started over at level 1. I emailed you from my device, told you the issue and within 1 day my westbound and shipwrecked games were restored to the levels I was at before they crashed. I had also bought a new device, asked you to transfer westbound and shipwrecked and you did. So, my question is..why aren't you fixing brightwood adventures and monsterama planet like you did westbound and shipwrecked? I've asked MANY MANY times and you never do anything. I'm not asking you to reset them just for the Hell of it or to start the game over or anything like that. Your games crashed and reset me to level 1 and I want them put back to the levels that I earned! If you think I will just start playing them over from the beginning so you can try and squeeze more money out of me, you are sadly mistaken!! If they're not fixed soon, I will delete all 4 of your games and go elsewhere, doesn't matter to me one way or the other. I can go spend my money on a games resources that actually let me play. 
Hi there,

If you are facing issues with Game transfer then can you please contact us via Support Mail? Please mail us at support@kiwiup.com and we will do the needful.

Do you even read and understand posts..I don't think so? I'm tired of getting a couple of responses about transferring..YOU NEED TO RESTORE MY GAME! It crashed and reset to level 1 on Oct 18 and I want them put back to the level I was at before it crashed. How hard is that to understand? You have been putting this off for over a month. I'm contacting your director and reporting this to Amazon Appstore. My email for the game is tigger4u2@att.net, so there's no more excuses for you to give me. I'm forwarding ALL of the emails and the 3 responses you've given me over the past month to the director. I'm done with your excuses
Tigger4u, I had done a "clear data" on my Shipwrecked game and when I opened it, it had reset to an older version I had at level 70. I was at level 94 when this happened.

I emailed Kiwi and it turns out  (after several emails to get all the info they needed) they were able to restore it under  a previous user name I had for the game before using Google+ as my new name. Did you have a previous user name? Give as much info as you can.  Of course, I also had Anna as my rep and ahe was veey helpful and knowledgeable. 

Good luck as I understand how frustrating it can be. :-)
Nope, I've only had 1 username. I'm to the point where I'm done with those other 3 games anyway but I WILL get my money back! Oh yeah, I forgot..the cs agent who was working on my ticket also told me that Kiwi DOES NOT  give refunds, you have to contact either Amazon or Google. So , all you players wanting your money back, please contact the place where you got the apps..it kind of kills 2 birds with 1 stone, letting them know there is an issue with KIWI.
I forgot..when I opened a ticket to get brightwood and monsterama planet restored, they finally told me the only accounts they could find were at level 1..I told them, well, duh, that's what my issue is, my games were reset. I just don't think they understand English sometimes coz they talk in circles a lot. It's their loss..I was buying resources for 4 games and they cut me down to 1. If you haven't read my post in Shipwrecked, you should read it..it's what I posted yesterday called good bye games. It's a real eye opener on KIWIs conduct.