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1) Can I reset the game?
Unfortunately, we are unable to restart the game from the beginning. However, if you can provide us with a more detailed description of the issue, we can look into it. 

2) Is it possible to transfer an account from Android to iOS or iOS to Android device?
I'm sorry, the feature to transfer an account from Android to iOS and iOS to Android is unavailable at this point of time.
However, we will be able to zero down the resources from your Android to IOS. If you wish to zero down the resources, kindly email Support Team at support@kiwiup.com

3) Can I transfer my old account on to a new device?
You could transfer the Game manually by following the below steps given:
Go to Settings>>Transfer Game>>enter the IMEI Number(New Device ID information). Once the game progress is transferred, Kindly clear the data(Go to Settings >> Applications >> Manage Applications >> Brightwood Adventures >> Clear Data) and restart the application. Your game will resume from where you left.

4) I completed an offer in Tapjoy and did not receive my reward. Why?
Tapjoy has a support team standing by ready to help, and is more than happy to look into any issues related to these advertisements. The easiest way for you to get in touch with Tapjoy is by following the instructions located at https://support.tapjoy.com. Their support team will respond back as soon as possible.

5) My game does not load on my device, it stays at the loading screen. Why?
Please try force stop (Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > Brightwood Adventures > ForceStop) and relaunch the application. Your game will resume from where you left.

6) I see my buildings and helpers in green. Is my game not working fine?
After uninstalling and re-installing,the images will take a while to show up after the reinstall. It's just because they take little longer to download on few devices.

7) I made an in app purchase and the resources have still not been credited to my game. Why?
Kindly check the version of the game and if it is not updated then please update to the latest version. Also, please clear the data (Go to settings>> Applications>>Manage Applications>>Brightwood Adventures>>Clear Data). If you have still not received the resources then please send mail at support@kiwiup.com including Order ID/Screenshot of the purchase.

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