Plesse , don't let Brightwood die!

Sylvia Vahlsing 4 years ago in General Discussion • updated 3 years ago 10
Hello Kiwi developers!
What can we do to change your mind  to go on with Brightwood?! 💸
What  happens  after I played all relaunched older LE quests?      
I put money and a lot of passion into the game and I don't like to see my village  dieing! 💔 

I'm sure I'm not the only one who is sad because of this.
Pleaase, I'm sure it's not a lack of ideas to close Brightwood. So, why don't you go on?

Beeflower wishes: Don't let my forest die!    🐝

I agree.  And would like to add:
1) That with a couple of exceptions, this is the only one of the 3 kiwi games I play that works almost flawlessly. (the exceptions are some large neighbors that cause me to crash when visiting and for some odd reason I can only scroll half way through my inventory and then the game crashes...I've emailed them, but nothing has come of it).
2) If this one is going away, why is it the only one with the monthly subscription...what will happen to that?  Can we apply it to another game?
3) what about all the gold and axes we've paid for? Will be be able to transfer them to another game?
Forgive me if I'm being ignorant, but... did I miss the memo? Is it really going away or are you like me and stuck? This was my all time favorite game, but I've had loading issues for almost a year... try and try to get back in but nothing. I was going to have it transferred to my kindle but not sure if I should bother now... 
Hello Jennifer!
Kiwi didnt officially annouce that Brightwood is to " fall  asleep" 
W e just wondered some months ago that there were no new quests or LEs released.
Referring to my question in forum one admin confirmed what we assumed " there will be no further quests or new LE s ."

That only release old LE quests - that's all!

I'm very very very sad about it!  💔

I don't know what to do to make them change their mind.... 💲? 
Who has an idea?
🐝 Beeflower🐝
WHAT?!?  Why?? 😭
That is very bad news... I think I just heard my heart break...
This was my FAVORITE of all games!! I started playing Shipwrecked just to fill my time while I waited for Kiwi to try and fix it... and over a year later no luck but I have it on my phone so I figured that was the whole problem. Finally broke down and got a tablet just for my games, etc... and now I hear it's not going to continue, just kind of linger...

What do we have to do???  If it does eventually fall asleep ( please noooooo!!) But if it does we should be able to have our items moved to another game at the very least... I will try to contact Kiwi and see what, if any, our options are...  please if anybody hears anything, keep me posted too!   And thank you Sylvia! If you hadn't posted that I would've had no idea! 
Hello Jennifer!
I'm so sorry to be the deliverer of bad news! 👮

I was as sad as you are  now when I found it out. 😭
It was always my favourite game, too. 👍
I don't know which level you are now, maybe you'll still have a lot of quests to do and you dont notice the lack of new quests so far.
I'm level 143 now.
Untill level 120 or so I played without any real money. With coins, a lot of patience, the caravan and the axegenerator I had had always enough axes to go on and to finish most of the LE quests, too.
Maybe that's what bothers Kiwi and that's why they want to finish Brightwood one day.💲

Concerning Shipwrecked or Westbound it is almost impossible to play the LE quests without real money for swords.
At the beginning I refused to put real money into  those games - but when I got "addicted" it' became very frustrating .
So I changed my mind. 💶 But I have a limit.

I hope you still have a lot of to do and you ca enjoy your forest - at least for a while. 🎉

🐝 Beeflower🐝🐝
First of all, we are not planning to shut down Brighwood Adventures.

Second - The new LE's weren't released because there are many player who have still not completed all the existing LE quests. So in order to achieve that, we are repeating older LE quests so that everyone who missed these quests earlier, can now finish them.

Also, along with these old LE quests, we did add a few newer LE quests but it's obvious that new LE quests are way less in ratio when compared to the older LE quests. 

To be honest, it's far from over in Brightwood Adventures.

Hello Zieu!
I'm happy to read this -  but it is obvious that you don't care every much for Brightwood anymore.
No new quests except the "vintage" LE quests.
No new decor, no new houses, no new buildings.....
And look at the announcement of "Lorddiscor's" Jackpot......after about 3-4 weeks  of presenting you can be sure that we got it: Lorddiscor won 2302 gold 💰.  Congrats! 🎂 

Can you honestly assure me that this is not the beginning of the end?

I guess the shrinking attention of Kiwi is the fault of the caravan and the axegenerator!
These two items make it possible for players to come along without purchases -  at least less purchases . 💸
You can't deny that !  

It's a shame....... but money rules the world .......and Brightwood!

🐝🐝🐝  Beeflower🐝🐝🐝

🐻🐱🐺🐮🐘 Brightwood forever 🐺🐹🐄🐰🐻

I've noticed that you have mentioned an axe generator a few times. What on earth is that, and how do you get your hands on one of those? :)

I'm so sorry I didnt answer earlier!Actually I dont play Brightwood that much anymore. The axegenerator is an item you receive within the game about level 35. There you can change Gold into axes - AS far AS I remember it takes 10 Gold for 7 axes.

If you have enough money and patience you could play money for Gold in the caravan! My best score was 40 gold for a spin of 2000 coins. Phh BV vbbg

Zieu, I think it's about time to reply to posting below.

9 months is quite some time.

I'm getting quite nervous.