going into the cave should be free since every quest you have to find something in the cave

lilred969 4 years ago in General Discussion • updated by Mary Jones 4 years ago 4
It cost too many axes to go in the cave every quest. We should b able to buy axes with the coins we earn... instead of using real cash
The reissued LE quests do cost too much in the cave. However, once you find the axe generator, you'll learn to love the cave since it gives 3 gold every time. The axe generator converts gold to axes. 
And what would that look like.... in the mean time I cant afford more axes at this time
My main source of axes has been the dailybonus and leveling up. I have done most of the Tapjoy offers trying games. Currently level 104. The best tip I ever found reading the old forums was to pack your Spooky Forest with as many Spooky Houses as you can. They pay out 34 xp and cheer every 3 hours.so you level up faster. You can build as many houses there as you can in your village. I have over 50 now. The cheer comes in handy when you need honey or quarry stone.
The axe generator  comes after the quarry. .Look up brightwood adventures wiki on your browser for a list of the quests that lead to it.