No quests for months

KiwiHooked 3 years ago in Technical Issue/Bug Report • updated by Sylvia Vahlsing 3 years ago 6
I have had no new quests for Brightwood for months, no autumn, no Halloween, no winter...  Nothing. Anyone else seeing this?  
I have not had any either.
I'm at level 138. All the LE quests are repeats and you can't get a second LE object. I have had a couple of new regular quests in the last few months but they are all little useless things that seem like rush jobs just to give me something to do once a month or so. I've written Kiwi and they just told me to ignore the LE quest. I can't believe they couldn't even come up with one new quest for Halloween. The Thanksgiving type LE quests have started and they are unplayable repeats so I guess that's what will happen for Christmas and all other holidays. I would not have started this game if I'd know I would be maxed out in just a year of playing! Big disappointment and I assume all the Kiwi games will be like this.
Hello Brody!
I'm  on level 138, too and I am disappointed about the same thing: no more new quests!
Kiwi told  me that they are not planing to release any new quests.
I am very sad about it because I had put a lot of  money into a dieing game.
Now can we convince them of going on with Brightwood?!
I'm really angry now. The are taking money from me every month for their monthly resources package! I want a refund for all the resources I have that I can't use! I guess the same is going to happen to all the Kiwi games.
The re-running of old le quests is giving me the opportunity to get items I couldn't "afford"when I first started, but I'm also concerned that this is the beginning of the end.  

What I find ironic is that this is the only game (of the 3 I play) that has a monthly subscription for axes and gold and yet it seems to be the one that is perhaps dieing. 
Hello Robin!
You are right with your concern.
Kiwi is not planning to release new quests. When we managed all old quests it over.
I'm really sad about that. I appreciate that Brightwood is the only Kiwi game where you can come along without purchase.
With patience you can "spin gold" in the caravan and this you exchange into axes in the axegenerator.
I managed up to level 125 without spending real money - and I completed all LE quests.
Maybe thats the reason why they dont want to go on with Brightwood.
There is no Caravan or axegenerator in Shipwrecked or Westbound and I already put too much money into the games.
Now I"m level 142 - I hope I reach the 150
ID Beeflower. 😥 😵