Cant request haunted bucket to finish Bat Globe!

Marlo Schnobrich Bagneschi 3 years ago in Technical Issue/Bug Report • updated by shelley 3 years ago 4
Anyone else having this issue? Please help!! Only 5 hrs left of this limited quest!
I have heard of a few that are having this issue only advice is to contact kiwi support@kiwiup.com it is better if you do this from inside the game though as it will auto send them all the info about your game (click the up arrow on the right then the 2 gears then scroll down and click about kiwi and then click on the email address it will open an email with all the info they need put your issue about the stuff that's already there
I have had the same problem and my time ran out. I had to end up paying gold for them.
I can't request the haunted buckets or chisels! My camera just froze my game too. What is going on? 
I'm tired of having to buy gold for the haunted buckets. I finished the globe but now I'm on the fairy house with chicken legs. It says request from neighbors but no button to do so. I also visit my neighbors everyday and have only found 1. I have 2 days til quest expires. This is very frustrating.