6/09/2015 - Welcome to the RockYou Family!

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Welcome to the RockYou Family!

Kiwi and RockYou would like to thank our players for the overwhelming support you’ve offered regarding our joint decision to transition Shipwrecked: Lost Island, Shipwrecked: Volcano Island, Westbound: Pioneer Adventure, Westbound: Gold Rush, Explorers: Skull Island, and Brightwood Adventures. Our players’ feedback is very much appreciated and we look forward to maintaining the same great experience that has made each of you such loyal and avid gamers over the last few years.

We thank you for your patience during this period of transition. You can expect exciting changes in the upcoming weeks!

Please visit Brightwood Adventures’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page to answer some of the most commonly asked questions. Once you are there, start describing your issue and browse the FAQs to find all the information you need.

Do you have a question about Brightwood Adventures? Get all your questions and concerns answered over at our Support site.

Once you're there start describing your issue and browse the FAQs to find all the information you need. If you are still left with a question, don’t worry. We are here to help! Go ahead and create a Support Ticket and you’ll hear back from one of our helpful advocates soon!

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Let’s create a new space for our growing community for players of Brightwood Adventures to interact with each other. We’ll post new information, announcements, and drop by the threads to see what is happening in our Community. Be sure to share your thoughts and feedback and meet all of us advocates and other players.

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I would like to complain, that I don,t think it's right that i can spend a lot of axes on the caravan and not get but one back. When you start to play the caravan you see three choices, well i start out doing the first one with 2000 silver, well ok, but i had 157 axes and went to the third one to spend 2 axes and got silver or cheers, and that bonus you see getting 200 axes sure looks good, but nobody ever gets it. You ought to see my quest it doesn't look good. I like the idea of getting axes on the ground, but not enough. I been playing these games ever sense you started making them, i've got all 7 of them and there fun. I even spend real money on them, so i think you ought to do me right. Thank you.