Missing resources

Kerry Weston 2 years ago in Technical Issue/Bug Report • updated by Tiredofthis 11 months ago 4

I have been saving my quarry stones and also planks so I can build my mason etc. I had 8 stones yesterday and today I only have 2 where have my other 6 gone ??? This also happens with planks ! Not impressed ! Please respond thank you


I had 8 quarry stones last night, 3 this morning and now only 1. Last week about 8 honey disappeared. What is going on? ?

My Wild Honey disappears as well. I also do not see the Well. And where is the Quarry?

it is not letting me have my planks that I get please fix these bugs. I like this game but it has been one thing after another

I'm just passed level 35 I believe.  At the level I was to receive 3 hammers.  Didn't get them.  I had 3 to begin with now I still have 3. You people sure love to rip us off.  Want my hammers!