iPad vs kindle versions : differences

Michelle Buck 2 years ago in General Discussion 0

I don't know if anyone else has played on both kindle and iPad, but I play on both and have noticed some major differences in game play. The versions are different enough to where I enjoy playing the kindle version a lot more and the iPad version is almost boring. I'll list the differences I've found below.


*Lots of tasks at same time (most of them are to build new buildings/houses or find things

in forest)

*Only get a couple of axes a day from cleaning up areas (so it takes a long time to finish

forest tasks)

*valentine shop under crafting (along with fall craft and kitchen)

*in early level given task to invite and have friends

*there are different areas to go into (spooky forest, sandy beach, snow area)

*frequent sales on characters and gold items, games to play


^only a couple (2-4) tasks at a time (@ level 31 I've only been asked to build about 6

buildings and 3-4 houses, all the rest of the tasks are to go to the grocery store 5 times,

hardware 3 etc., right after finishing one of these tasks, I get another of the same)

^I get many axes every day from cleaning up areas ( I have 170 saved -without purchasing

any- because the game never asks me to use them) (I also have 30 saved honeys from

never getting to use them)

^no Valentine shop under crafts ( only fall and kitchen)

^level 31 and still haven't gotten a task for friends, it's getting lonely!!

^no spooky forest or ANY other area for that matter, in fact, I'm never asked to go into the

forest to find anything

^there has only been 1 sale since I've started and it's to get gold, coins, axes for $0.99 -- no

discounts for characters or gold items, no games to play, etc.

These are the differences I've found. Like I said above, the iPad version is a VERY slow, almost boring pace.

I was hoping to get some feedback to see if it was just my iPad game, or f it's the iPad version in general that is like this. If it's all iPad version of Brightwood, why make it so much different than kindle version? Does anyone play on iPhone? Is it really different for iPhone also?

Please give me feedback if you can, I would greatly appreciate it. I tried writing to the support to see if it was just my iPad game, but have not heard back. I was originally hoping to get rid of my kindle game, but with the differences, I don't really enjoy the iPad one.