I am in desperate need of friends on here just started playing and without those buddy's your not going anywhere!

Missy Watson 2 years ago in General Discussion • updated by Maria C Rodriguez 2 years ago 6

just started playing and without those buddy's

you can add me as I am a new player. :)

you can add me if you still need help... :)

You can add me as friend, play daily and gift but I can only add on rock you, for some reason it wont let me add through facebook, I get error message but it shows I'm logged into Facebook so it doesn't make sense

You can add me as friend: Springspirit . Play daily, give presents, help if you need something for a quest. Have the same problem as person above, I can only get neighbors through rock you it won't let me add through Facebook even though is connected. I agree it doesn't make sense.

To add you myself I need the rock you ID or email

I looked by Missy Watson and couldn't find you