gold bars vanishing

Rose 2 years ago in Technical Issue/Bug Report • updated by Zieu 10 months ago 4

why do I keep losing my gold bars. this morning I started with 26 and moved two items around my village and my bars dropped to 20. it happens all the time. I am ready to drop this game all together.

Hi Rose,

Please drop an email to the support team about this. We will assist you with the query.

To customer support:

I have same problem. I lost 2 this morning. Then i downloaded an app to get 8 axes (Adult Coloring book) as per free axes. I got none at all & when I went to check if the coloring book app was still on the ways to get free axes list, it had disappeared. This all just happened today in a matter of minutes. What's going on here??!!

I love the game but this is not fair to players.

I have the same issue. I lost 2 gold bars this morning.

Please drop an email to our support team with the details of the issue in the game. We are here to assist you. Please write to us via support.rockyou.com