Device transfer to wifi only device

Janniina61 1 year ago in Technical Issue/Bug Report • updated by Admin-Anna 1 year ago 3

My old device quitted working and now I cant ask for a device transfer to my new device because the supports device transfer site asks for an IMEI number that does not exist in wifi only tablets. Is there an alternative way to ask for the transfer?

I managed to get my progress back in Shipwrecked because there the device transfer site was built in a way that did not ask for the IMEI.

You can also send the community id of the old game/ email address to the support team. We should be able to locate your game with the id and restore the progress

The reason why I would like to get the games progress to my new tablet is that the old tablet is not working anymore. How do I get the community id without the device that I was using to play the game?

Please drop an email to our support team at support.rockyou.com about the device transfer. We will assist you in restoring the game progress to the new device