Expensive Challenge - Players Unite

Karen Bierman 4 years ago in Team Challenge Discussion • updated 3 years ago 31
Ok players it is time for us to unite.  If everyone does something and it is the same thing then things will change.  This team challenge of 30 trees, harvesting 4 candy corn, 3 Lollipops, and 2 hard candy to make one costume is ridicules.  So here is one thing we can do.  I will keep you posted on other things.  We all have to do something at the same time otherwise we will just keep getting the same response.
Here is the link for the rating for Shipwreck at the play store


If everyone goes to the link and rates Shipwrecked as a 1 and puts a review in then the investors will take notice and so will Kiwi. This is how they make their money.

We can do things on the internet that will effect Shipwrecked and Kiwi.

Another thing, I know that some of you play other games from Kiwi at least I do, I play westbound. Don’t download any Kiwi games and stop playing the other games.

Also, if you do play the other games make a 1 star for those as well. The more people that rate it as 1 star the better. Right now their rating is 4.2 if we can get that down then maybe then Kiwi will stop raping us with expensive team challenges and forcing us into purchasing resources to complete quests.

Remember to LIKE the posts.  The more LIKES a post get the more Kiwi will do something about it.

tried to send team invites and it sent to one's I didn't select

kristenfer 4 years ago in Team Challenge Discussion • updated by Karen Bierman 4 years ago 9
Tried to send invites to my team and the screen was selecting people in my friends list i didn't click on and wouldn't let me unselect them. Help. Please.

This team challenge is the worst.

hunterowl 4 years ago in Team Challenge Discussion • updated by Sara Muldowney 4 years ago 9
I just want to voice my opinion that this pearl tc is the worst thing yet. I don't understand what is suppose to be done and I refuse to buy energy. Please no more of these!


carla 4 years ago in Team Challenge Discussion • updated by Karen Bierman 4 years ago 2
Its sat eve and ive spent all my resources already. Very expensive i've spent 100k to maybe win 50. So not worth it. We should be able to win more than what we spend and every level should have some type of sword reward because most of time were not getting any reward at all or itsso small itsno even noticeable! !! 

Expensive challenge

Game Gal 4 years ago in Team Challenge Discussion • updated by Bookwyrm282 4 years ago 10
The urchin challenge was very expensive in coins and cheer. Could we have one that's a little more affordable?  Also, 2 items made from one place is confusing and mega time consuming. Anyone else agree?

hey kiwi!

barbie26 4 years ago in Team Challenge Discussion • updated by lunardawn702 4 years ago 12
Hey kiwi!
so I'm probably the only one who thinks this........ I think this weeks team challenge was a little.....excessive..... I feel there were just too many things to have to harvest..... And you could only craft one hat.... Maybe if we got more than just 1 lollipop or hard candy or candy corn it would have been better...... It took more resources to craft the hat then the trees could produce...... And I had bought all 10 of each tree...  I used over 100,000 potions and still barely crafted like 37 hats...... To me that's a little crazy! I don't know if it was messing up or i just sucked but if you look at my challenge history you can clearly see that i do pretty well for myself and with a little help from my team when I can get one.... I'm just saying...... I think this one could have been better! I'm all for a challenge but not one there is no way to win!

Seaside Seasons

Game Gal 4 years ago in Team Challenge Discussion • updated by Xanthor 4 years ago 16
Will  we get an explanation of the Seaside Seasons challenge screen s & how it all works? 

Expensive Challenge - Catfish Corner - Team Challenges no longer fun

Karen Bierman 4 years ago in Team Challenge Discussion • updated by Wayne Rasmussen 4 years ago 2
Once again you have done it to the players.  The Catfish Corner challenge was just as expensive as the urchin challenge.  It is not fair to the players.  For one have us craft two different items for one catfish at an over the top rate in coin is not fair to the lower lever players who do not have the  resources to produce like the upper level players.  Also, You have taken the fun out of the challenges.  What once was fun is now a headache.  You have had so many complaints for so long about the expense, the invites, and the technical issues, but yet you wait until after seaside season is over to do something about it.  Let me ask you something Kiwi, what if all of the players that make Shipwrecked the top grossing game stopped playing.  READ THE FORUM, you set it up for us to hear our requests and see what the players want but yet you have done nothing until now to change something.  WHY?  I have asked this question in several different posts, WHY did you wait so long?  Your developers are not developing they are robbing the poor and giving to the rich.  I am pretty sure that I am done with TEAM CHALLENGES in general because you have taken the fun out of it.  Fix the problems NOW or you are going to loos players and I can assure you that I can post the reviews in every forum and have other people as well do so to rate Shipwrecked POOR!
PLAYERS-----------  VOTE THUMBS UP if you agree the more THUMBS UP the more they will pay attention.

Please stop marcos users

Sally Seidel 4 years ago in Team Challenge Discussion • updated by Zieu 4 years ago 27
It upsets me reading about people useing something called marcos to get ahead in team challenges  it is like going into a store an paying for your purchases while someone else  is in the same store stealing all the top brand stuff. It is not fair and those people should be baned from the gsme   My team mates a d I work very hard all week toward the TC's by gathering spirit and silver while others advance ahead of us by stealing   I hope Kiwi is taking action!!!