Meet your Neighbor!

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Hi Islanders,

Are you looking for a new neighbor? Not to worry, this topic is for you to find a new neighbor. 

Post your Kiwi Community ID here to meet a new neighbor!

Note: This topic will be kept open always. You can visit this topic to find a new neighbor.

Stay tuned for our upcoming Community Events/Contests! 


Community Contest # 1: Spot the Differences!

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Hi Islanders,

Welcome to our first ever Community Contest! Hope you all have fun with these Contests which will happen regularly.

Contest Name: "Spot the differences"
Duration: 2 days

Start date: 10th Feb @ 10:00 AM EST
End date: 12th Feb @ 10:00 AM EST


1) One entry per user and answers need to be sent via PM (private message) ONLY in Forums
2) User's who post the answers in the topic/post will NOT be considered
3) Three correct winners will be randomly chosen and rewarded with Swords
4) Do mention your Kiwi Community ID in the private message you send along with the answer


3 Lucky Winners 20 Swords each

How to send a private message with answers in Forums?

- Make sure to enter the below mentioned details in Header and Description

Rush now and send the answers via Private message before the Contest ends!!

Good luck to everyone!!