Sword-sucking quests

tigger4u 4 years ago in General Discussion • updated by Zieu 5 months ago 8
Is it just me or have all of the quests been nothing but "search the jungle" and then "upgrade" and then search again and upgrade again?? There's no planting crops or visiting the hundreds of buildings, houses or trees we all have. This has become nothing but spending swords..and it's becoming really boring! Come on kiwi, you can be more creative than that, can't you?

island voucher quests complete waste of time and no one does them!

Xanthor 4 years ago in General Discussion • updated 3 years ago 19
Special quests that give island vouchers are a complete waste of time doing and your staff that put the time and money into them for everyone to do was wasted to. This has been a complaint from many going back a year now and never resolved! No one is going to pay gold when they aren't even able to get the vouchers in the first place. The cap was never raised from 500 and everyone whose been here at least 4 months who plays are at the cap as the quests were newbie quests and max items are 16. Nothing else uses the vouchers so no way to spend them. New clothing items or houses would be nice, but to put the work and effort in to make these quests when we can't benefit is like giving your money away for nothing and no ones going to do that. Moment I and many others see its a voucher quest we now just ignore it till it expires. This is another old issue that needs addressing and as long as its ignored no ones going to invest in them. Raising cap from 500 would be starters, then what I said above.

come on kiwi

Magnat 4 years ago in General Discussion • updated 4 years ago 27
What's this about energy stop keeping us in the dark and stop moving the goal post and if this is one more sham to bleed us dry then you Have problems before we start 

What has happened to our swords we were getting? First it was 10 then it was 5 now it's 3. Very unhappy!

Edie Neary 2 years ago in General Discussion • updated by Zieu 5 months ago 16

Decrease in swords? No happy!


To make it fair, sleepers deserve to get a bonus, even 600%!

Xanthor 4 years ago in General Discussion • updated by pwotds 4 years ago 24
Being a sleeper takes a lot of hard work! Just hitting the accept button takes a lot of energy and tuns of spirit potions! To be able to get a random chance of actually hooking up with a team that makes it to the top each week while they pour millions of spirit potions for scores of 10,000 and be able to sit back and put in one point or even none at all and even manage to get a shield bonus higher then the workers, these sleepers deserve a better bonus then the rest of the team. 
For now on, any sleeper who manages to be able to join any groups TC, should get the bonus that the rest of the team got, but not exactly what the workers got. Let's say the team wins 50% spirits, then the sleeper will get -50%, workers get 100% then sleeper gets -100%, or better yet 600% the sleeper gets -600%! There is no excuse for joining any team and doing nothing, and I guarantee if a vote is taken for a weeks penalty to be imposed on all sleepers, the workers will have the majority. If you don't want a penalty, don't join a team if your not willing to put in your share. I never require anyone who joins me to meet or beat my production. I only require if you join me to at least show some initiative! If I can do 30k in two days, even 1k is fine by me, but 0, or 1? Don't insult us! Now mind you, I wouldn't expect a penalty system to be put in until the random invite bug is fixed. But when it is, a sleeper deserves a weeks penalty opeset of what the workers won. This should end sleeper problems though random invites would not qualify if a player is dragged onto a team if they didn't elect to play in the first place.

Thank You Kiwi

Karen Bierman 4 years ago in General Discussion • updated by Zieu 4 years ago 1
Thank you Kiwi for posting more under news and announcements and keeping us informed of what is going on and why.  Thank you for compensating the players some of what they have lost and ADMIN for taking a more active role.  I ask PLEASE keep it up and fix the issues.  I love playing this game so much but the issues are making it a headache.  Anyway, Thank you again on this matter for what you are doing and the more active role you taking.


tollboothwillie 4 years ago in General Discussion • updated by corrosive 3 years ago 38
where can we find our courage?  what happened to the daily bonus? (Yes I have cleared my cache/data)

Kiwi be careful changing caps

Xanthor 4 years ago in General Discussion • updated 4 years ago 10
I can't list specifics due to NDA but wanted to give fair warning about cap changing because I been summoned to talk with the DA in regards to another company and despite it being incorporated some employees stand a very big chance of doing real jail time over this. 
Many games besides kiwi games have caps that prevent the customer from making either too many items or gaining too much skill. What another company did was offer new accounts with a higher cap and older accounts people paid for at one time ended up getting their levels cut down so to speak with option to pay a price to go up in levels to match the new accounts. Being the older accounts already paid for the service long prior were now being forced to pay yet again and this civil mater became criminal as well which now brings me to why I'm mentioning this to kiwi so they don't accidentally do the same. Raising caps for a tc is fine, but if raising it also means the customer has to pay money for supplies, lowering it after is extremely dangeriouse. For example, one TC we had was to make as much wood as possible and cap raised to 100,000. People paid a lot of money for potions and gold to try making it to the top. In doing so many produced 40k plus wood. Now let's say after event kiwi changes cap back to let's say 100 wood which would then delete 39,900 wood customers paid for then next thing you know a new building comes out requiring 150 wood to build. As the other 39,900 wood deleted was already paid for making the customer pay gold or money to build the house would be highly illegal making them pay for what they already paid for. So in essence, if your going to raise the cap for a tc which makes the customer have to pay money to compete, I highly recommend keeping the cap raised after the tc ends or give fair warning prior to event that the cap will be lowered back prior to the TC. Even put in a message requiring some type of signature in order to compete in the event because otherwise the legal ramifications afterwood both civil and criminal can get very nasty and expensive. The old days of just calling games pixels is at an end and the courts are now accepting them as tangible property. Anyway, if I'm given the OK on Friday the 2nd I'll post the entire event I'm talking about, and only also if its OK with KIWI as well.

Harvesting all buildings at ones!

Deesje45 4 years ago in General Discussion • updated by Jennifer 3 years ago 5
Hello Kiwi,

Is there in the near future a possibility for an option to shake your device a few seconds and then get the message, "do you want to collect all your buildings at ones?".
The game Paradise Cove has this option and it is so relaxing.
This game is played by a lot of people with disabilities and are high in level.
I am at least 15 minutes busy with collecting my buildings every morning.
It's just a suggestion.😆