tropicgal 4 years ago in Suggestions/Feedback • updated by Lostgurlz 2 years ago 8
I think it would be an incentive to keep playing and a great reward if we got more swords for leveling up.  Real money is spent along the way and there are many of us that could use a break from spending.  


Jennifer Zuniga 4 years ago in Suggestions/Feedback • updated by Magnat 3 years ago 18
Please display the courage somewhere! It doesn't even need to be on the main screen but having it is important.

game freezes when visiting neighbors

Karen Bierman 4 years ago in Technical Issues/Bug Report • updated by Lorretta Green 3 years ago 44
When I go to visit my neighbors islands I can visit ruby but then I go to my next neighbors and my game freezes.   It starts with blue2013 and if I want to visit my other neighbors I have to click on them individually and then it even freezes.   Mag, I haven't seen your island since you first became my neighbor.   Please correct this.  I swear ever since they updated the team challenge I have had nothing but problems primarily freezing and loading. 
IF you are having a similar problem LIKE this post so kiwi will pay attention.   LIKE the post.  :)

Expensive Challenge - Players Unite

Karen Bierman 4 years ago in Team Challenge Discussion • updated 3 years ago 31
Ok players it is time for us to unite.  If everyone does something and it is the same thing then things will change.  This team challenge of 30 trees, harvesting 4 candy corn, 3 Lollipops, and 2 hard candy to make one costume is ridicules.  So here is one thing we can do.  I will keep you posted on other things.  We all have to do something at the same time otherwise we will just keep getting the same response.
Here is the link for the rating for Shipwreck at the play store


If everyone goes to the link and rates Shipwrecked as a 1 and puts a review in then the investors will take notice and so will Kiwi. This is how they make their money.

We can do things on the internet that will effect Shipwrecked and Kiwi.

Another thing, I know that some of you play other games from Kiwi at least I do, I play westbound. Don’t download any Kiwi games and stop playing the other games.

Also, if you do play the other games make a 1 star for those as well. The more people that rate it as 1 star the better. Right now their rating is 4.2 if we can get that down then maybe then Kiwi will stop raping us with expensive team challenges and forcing us into purchasing resources to complete quests.

Remember to LIKE the posts.  The more LIKES a post get the more Kiwi will do something about it.

Sword-sucking quests

tigger4u 3 years ago in General Discussion • updated by Zieu 3 months ago 8
Is it just me or have all of the quests been nothing but "search the jungle" and then "upgrade" and then search again and upgrade again?? There's no planting crops or visiting the hundreds of buildings, houses or trees we all have. This has become nothing but spending swords..and it's becoming really boring! Come on kiwi, you can be more creative than that, can't you?

need a confirm screen for when you purchase things with gold

hunterowl 4 years ago in Suggestions/Feedback • updated by Madusas Island 4 years ago 5
I don't even know how much gold I've lost during these tc. They need to put a confirm screen up for when you accidentally push the buy with gold button.

tried to send team invites and it sent to one's I didn't select

kristenfer 4 years ago in Team Challenge Discussion • updated by Karen Bierman 4 years ago 9
Tried to send invites to my team and the screen was selecting people in my friends list i didn't click on and wouldn't let me unselect them. Help. Please.

island voucher quests complete waste of time and no one does them!

Xanthor 3 years ago in General Discussion • updated 3 years ago 19
Special quests that give island vouchers are a complete waste of time doing and your staff that put the time and money into them for everyone to do was wasted to. This has been a complaint from many going back a year now and never resolved! No one is going to pay gold when they aren't even able to get the vouchers in the first place. The cap was never raised from 500 and everyone whose been here at least 4 months who plays are at the cap as the quests were newbie quests and max items are 16. Nothing else uses the vouchers so no way to spend them. New clothing items or houses would be nice, but to put the work and effort in to make these quests when we can't benefit is like giving your money away for nothing and no ones going to do that. Moment I and many others see its a voucher quest we now just ignore it till it expires. This is another old issue that needs addressing and as long as its ignored no ones going to invest in them. Raising cap from 500 would be starters, then what I said above.

come on kiwi

Magnat 4 years ago in General Discussion • updated 3 years ago 27
What's this about energy stop keeping us in the dark and stop moving the goal post and if this is one more sham to bleed us dry then you Have problems before we start