challenge scoring? What the heck???

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What is going on with this challenge scoring? I'm the only member of my team that has harvested any butterfly,  150, but a team member that has produced 0 has a higher score. How does that make sense???
Felt the response was read straight out of some ineffective manual of answers they are told to give instead of actually reading through the details of the situation. Very insulting! 
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The other members of your team go up in rank with you're score! Makes Zero sense! Same in our TC!
I could understand having the Same score (not that I agree) because it's a team challenge, but having a Higher score??? That's not right. 
As of this moment I have produced 168 butterflies and my score is 6919 with a rank of surgeon.  Another teammate has produced 0, has a score of 6946 and a rank of master. Very frustrating!!!
We all have different scores as well
What did I say that upset someone?
I'm wondering if it has to do with who is online and who is not.  When all 4 team mates are online and crafting together the scores show the same and are ranked against those that are also online, so for example if all 4 have crafted 50 each then the team score ranks the team total of 200 and say that puts us in 50th place. Then 3 of the team logs off and 1 stays online to craft so the team score goes up to 205, but other online teams are all crafting, so ow the team is 70th,  the 1 team mate that is online will now have less points than the other 3, but when they log back in there total ' s will be adjusted to the or rent level.  Does this make sense?
No not really.  My shield points keep going up and down.  It will say 6957 then a few minutes later it says 6955.  Remember to LIKE the original post.  
Are all your team mates active at the same time?  Do your shield points add up to your team ranking minus your team score? Eg 7000 less team ranking of 45.  If your team mates have a different score to you, they are not logged on, and their score is showing what your team was ranked the last time hey were logged on.
I understand what you're saying and there may be something to that. However there are still times that the math just isn't working correctly,  at least not with the formula you or kiwi has described.  It is often close, and sometimes right, but not always. I just don't get it. Though I do feel a little more comfortable thinking the other team mates just need to log in to update totals. It certainly slowed my enthusiasm when I was working the hardest and had the lowest score!
I've noticed that if I look at my personal ranking surgeon, master etc, and I pull the screen down the page refreshes and my individual shield point score then shows correctly.  
I'll give that a try.  
As an aside,  I do appreciate that you at least do try to answer questions. Do you work for kiwi? 
No I don't work for kiwi. Think I'd have to resign if I did lol
Well they should certainly be paying you! You are Much better at this then the ones they've got handling it!
No m was me was not sure early on if i had just removed it sorry 
Lol the buttons are as sensitive as the team invite buttons
Hi all, 

Please do check the FAQ's section in this forums for more details on TV scoring.
Huh? Is TV scoring a typo? And personally just being blown off and told to read a faq is insulting. That was the first thing I did when I started noting the discrepancy.  Obviously the answer was not found there or I wouldn't have felt the need to post it here.
Really, do you like have a set of standard responses to answer the issues?  I mean really, you don't think that everyone has done that.  Fix the scoring.  Your math BLOWS.  I am on a team that one person is not active and my score keeps dropping.  What is the point of continuing if my score continues to drop because one of my team members that got invited because of the sensitivity of the invite button.  My lord, FIX the ISSUES!
Hi Grrpbth,

This has happened in our team, too, even with active players, but because they are all active, it usually stays mostly close in score during the TC. 

What seems to happen with scoring is that the actual score isn't computed until the player logs into the game and THEN their ranking is updated. So lets say, for example, when the TC started, you did a lot of work and got your team into 10th place, even though you were the only one participating. You leave your game for a few hours and return. During those few hours, your team's ranking drops to 20th place. YOUR score updates because you logged in, and it reflects your ranking based on being in 20th place. But since your teammates haven't logged in, they score hasn't updated yet, so it still shows their ranking based on being in 10th place. Take comfort in knowing it will not stay that way... maybe Kiwi does server-based recalcs every so often, or maybe they wait until the end of the challenge... I don't know for sure... but eventually all of your teammates will finish with the same score for that challenge.
Thanks for the response. That makes sense. 
 Hi curious  
it does stay the same  so what I am figuring out is go in at the beginning of the challenge score like crazy exit and don't log back in  and you keep what you made no matter what at least thats what it looks like happened on quite a few players 
Hi All,

Curious has responded to the questions related to scoring correctly. Hope this clarifies. If you have any queries related to TC scoring, please do check the Team Challenge - FAQ's at http://kiwi.userecho.com/topic/521024-team-challenge-queries-answers/
Very interesting, Cvanlin2.  Maybe there are still some glitches in the system.  Recently there was a problem with some Kindle Fires, but Kiwi addressed it.  I don't work for Kiwi so I can't test it myself.

And just to make sure I understand, you and your teammates have different points at the end of the challenge?  If so, have you completely exited from your game and restarted it?  

If there is still a difference in the final points earned between you and your teammates, then take a screen shot of your "My Team" page and send it to Kiwi.  Share it here, too, if you can.  

Would you mind telling us your Kiwi ID and the IDs of the teammates, and the final points so I can look it up on my end?
we are group 856   score is all the same 5768
Lol, ok, so maybe I misunderstood you?  Sounds like your team score worked as Kiwi designed it.
Hi cv2 he bears where lucky and even dough we had an uninvited guest was a good worker but not everyone was that lucky some had a lot less luck and yes C i agree with you in most cases it worked the way kiwi intended but was not intended to work in are favour so cv2 thank your lucky stars it seems like you were lucky to as for the rest of you kiwi got. You again and they will apologize and apologize time and time again but nothing changes kiwi only looking after the sleepers spenders don't count