swords and the airship

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When using the airship it takes 3 swords to find one item. On one of my quest I had to use the airship twice to find 2 items that was 6 swords including the swords to find the items on the island I used a total of 10 swords to finish 1quest ,  as suggested when going to Atlantis I  can use 2swords on the island  and find what I need in 1 sword but this does not work with the airship can this be fixed  the airship is such a waste of swords which  unless you buy them you get very few.


The game is designed in a way that the Airship takes a maximum of 3 swords to find a collectable, and the jungle 2-3 swords. 
I agree, the airship takes more swords for what and why?  I am of the belief it is to make players purchase more swords to complete their quests.
See this is the problem you try to help others then kiwi do a fix so you end up shooting yourself in the foot 
Also why does it take 2 to 3 just to find the items on the island? I have actually bought 60 swords with my own money and they lasted all of 3 quest because of taking so many to find the items and you never give enough out
[Queue nostalgic music] I remember when the Air Ship was first introduced.  It was shortly after the first round of the fog glitch hit the islands...the one in which islands were reshaped into huge rectangular areas of cleared island... similar to what happened to Xanthor in the Gnome TC.  

Back then, many players with these massive amounts of cleared area had new problems... lots of lag.  Suddenly having lots of cleared area created freezing problems in games, and some higher-level players were reluctant to clear any more island space because of these new problems.  Keep in mind these players were maybe in the Level 80s or 90s at the most.

When the Air Ship arrived, some of these high-level players welcomed it because it meant less space being opened on their island.  Other players... like me at the time... resented it because I wanted more space!  I honestly thought Kiwi was trying to get us to buy more swords to clear more land :)

Anyway, when Kiwi introduced Shipwrecked onto the Apple platform and imported many of the Standard Quests, those that required the Air Ship had been rewritten for the player to simply find the item in the jungle.  So Kiwi was officially excluding the Air Ship from Apple!  And, I've noticed over the past eight months, Kiwi has not required the Air Ship in any new Android quests either.

In the meantime, Kiwi seems to have improved lag on these larger islands, so now I have to wonder what their motive was for the Air Ship.... was it to minimize lag or create demand for swords...  I'll probably never know, but it was fun to look back on that history :) [/Queue nostalgic music]

Rebecca, it is a shame you cannot use your swords to clear jungle.  I agree it is a waste to use them on the Air Ship.  I mean, who really takes a machete with them in an air balloon?
  1. Hi c that was interesting but we have had the odd one in the last few month but they have certainly slowed down  and the silver you get as too sometimes i shoot myself in the foot when trying to help others 
Magnat, please let me know the name of the quest so I can update the wiki. 

But I recall the most recent quest to require the Air Ship on Android was Master of Alabaster, and it was released in Feb 2014.  Sure, players will continue to come across these quests so complaints will continue to pop-up about it.  But my point is that Kiwi has not issued any new quests using the Air Ship in the past eight months.  And of course I can always be wrong so corrections are always appreciated.

I have not seen any quests for the airship is quite some time. I play all of the quests and haven't seen one.  As a matter of fact I tried to store the stupid thing and it won't let me.  The quests using the air ship suck anyway because they cost to many swords and those are swords you can use clearing your island.  Makes no sense.
2.  Mag add me as a neighbor on your new island.  I will send you gifts everyday, I have one slot open that I was saving for Curious but she hasn't accepted my invites.
Lol, I promise I have accepted your invite!  I'm just slow :)
No worries I got ya, lol.  
Hi c have collected the more recent ones together and trying to take screen shots but cam keeps jumping but will get pics for you but as far as quest name the old brain not working like it used to but maybe with the pic you may get somebody to help was wondering why my nighbors did not seem to have so many in all i have 48 when it comes to silver there one of my best producers at 400 or more payout i love them so C how many do you have listed i am counting the one's like the 5 tower's as 5 separate building's  kb hope you're reading this as for me it's well worth the trouble as 48 building's with 500% on top i will let you do the maths 
Hi Magnat, maybe this link can help identify the buildings and their quests (it shows the pictures of all the standard quest buildings):  http://shipwreckedwiki.com/wiki/Category:Quest_Bui...

The buildings you are describing... the ones that pay a LOT of Silver, right?  I think those are all the ones from Atlantis and all have a bright blue color to them.  And for what it's worth, those buildings all required the Ship of Ages to get to Atlantis to build them, but don't use the Air Ship in those quests.
Ok kb but would appreciate if you do not give my id out as wanting to make the new one attack free just for now so any communication please do as magnet not playing TC yet till kiwi stop messing me around but don't expect it to look anything like magnats as ipad a lot different sending you invite now 
crap I think I removed it, can you send it again please, sorry sweetie.  And I promise I won't give it out and trust me when I say that I have security features on my tablet and I will respect your request.  I totally understand....:)
Hi C just took a look round neighbors 1 player has same amount as me and hopefully better memory it's deejs45 think like me probably is on auto 
Hi MAG, I am not sure what the name of your island is but I accepted an invite from a lower level player which I assume is you.  Can you verify?  Did you send me an invite for your new island?
Yes i did kb was on 40 something then now 52 so if you check you will know just sent you out another as only read he comment about you deleteing the 1 st 
I just checked and I got it.  Thank You.  :)
Your welcome but if you think it's a bit odd that's with it being Apple not the same game if only I had know 1/2 of what I know now 
Yes I do but you have to remember that apple is apple specific you can't get half the games on apple that you can on Android which is why I don't have an iPhone.  Are you ever going to email me at my kiwi email address ksbierman@gmail.com I'm telling you mag if you email me the post and I post it as well then chances are it will get up there.  And again stated that your email address would stay strickley confidential, the reason why I am asking you to email at my kiwi email is because I don't want to blast my email all over the forum.
The quest I was referring to was the reflection  now I'm on fountain flyers and it also requires the airship to build the west mansion. I'm on level 78 so I'm probably well behind you all hopefully I'll get past the airship soon .  
The game is designed in a way that the Airship takes a maximum of 3 swords to find a collectable, and the jungle 2-3 swords. 
Anna admin. Yes it takes the maximum every time to find the object and it SUCKS!!!!!!!!

I have used more than 20 sowrds on the airship and still nothing. I have 3 quests that need me to find items using the airship. What is the point of using the airship when you use that many swords for absolutely nothing. Waste of time and resources.

Hi samurai , it sounds like you may need to contact support if you are using that many swords . I noticed you put on another forum you using airship and getting nothing . Go into your settings on screen on each game , here and new world , scroll down to help and support , select ....report an issue , then click on' quest issue ' , this will send auto email to support , and they will contact you when they can for you to describe your problem .