tc invite buttons

Darlene Johns Pritchard Mosley 4 years ago in Technical Issues/Bug Report • updated by Karen Bierman 4 years ago 25
Please kiwi will u try to fix the tc invite buttons when y'all can.They r too sensitive to the touch.I keep inviting people that I didn't even invite
Admin has responded to this problem in the thread for the team challenge guppies by Maximus. They are forwarding this issue to the development team. 
They haven't fixed it yet.  It just happened to me again.  They need to fix it or at least give an option to uncheck. 
In another thread about the invites going to all neighbors, they said that's how they want it to work and marked the question completed.
As of today Kiwi says an update will be released next week making changes to the invite screen for team challenges. 
Hi bar can not wait o see what comes up next 
I noticed it was carefully worded not to say if it still invites everyone
  • Yes mj kiwi do like dropping their surprises on us 
I agree, but at least it's something to hope for. 
hi bar we probably will get something like a buy 4 get one free or maybe cut us down to buy 3 and get one free I just wish I was an optometrists but then costs nothing to dream but one thing for sure we will get a freebi in someware 
With the amount of money spent on this game you think they could offer up something more.  I looked into kiwi and they have 25 of the top grossing games.  You think with just that these problems could be fixed and they could offer up more than just a few swords.
Hi All,

The new Invite layout in Team Challenge will be available in our release next week. 

Maximus, that's nice if kiwi to release the update for the invite screen after seaside is over.  It is NOT COMPLETED because it is NOT done.  Once again I an on a different team because of your invite buttons.  Questions; 1.  Why doesn't kiwi issue the update before seaside is over, I mean why wait?  2.  Why is it marked complete when it ISN'T?
Again I will ask, why is this completed when it is not fixed yet?
Kiwi, its never a good idea to bite the hand that feeds you. A whole month of hard work at risk of being blown in one week. You could have fixed the invite screen and you chose not to. It was an intentional sabotage. Mission accomplished. I'll be expecting an update Monday morning. Thanks for caring what we think.
Tootal agree about the hand that feeds you but for once am  not blaming kiwi will get to the bottom Of this then will see who as last lough 
I as well totally agree.  Why bite the hands that feed then?  Shipwrecked is the top grossing game, why not make it a priority to fix it?  At this rate, once again I'm on a different team, why even bother playing the team challenges when you can't play with your normal team?  Remember M, when I posted looking for active team members?  Well I got them and now for the second week in a row I can't play with them.
Hi Kb won't go into detail just yet but if what I think as happened you won't need the internet to ear me will shout that luad they will ear men in Australia but you have sympathy 
Yes mag i think we are on the same page and im with you on that.  Thank you.
I can't wait to hear what you might be thinking? ??
Rolling on the floor. Laughing my bottom off!  At you
So the interesting thing is this, they have all gone home for the weekend so any problems that we have there is no support and no customer service to help with anything.  So I must ask, what is the point to having it if during the team challenge when it is needed it is non-existent and again why did it take them so long to fix it if they have known about for weeks now?  Do you see where I am going with this Mag?